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MIZANI is a complete line of professional treatments, relaxers, shampoos, conditioners, and styling products designed to meet the expanding needs of today’s global beauty. Through its advanced, patented technology, MIZANI has discovered new ways to care not only for the hair, but for the scalp as well. Each MIZANI formula is customised to suit the individual needs of each hair type.  From naturally curly and highly textured to colour-treated, relaxed and everything in between.

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Mizani Supreme Oil Treatment
4.1oz Supreme Oil is a 99% naturally-derived formula with 8 natural oils (sesame, jojoba, almond,..
Mizani Purphying  Intense Cleansing Shampoo
8.5 oz/250ml An emollient-rich, acidic wash that conditions and smoothes the cuticle while it rem..
Mizani Supreme Oil Moisturising Shampoo
Size 8.5 oz/250ml Fast-rinsing, high foam and sulfate-free shampoo offers deep but gentle cleansi..
Mizani Botanifying Conditioning Shampoo
Size 8.5 oz. Gentle enough to use everyday, it cleanses the hair and scalp while restoring a natu..
Mizani Fulfyl Conditioning Treatment
8.5 oz. This conditioner combines the elements most vital to hair's health - protein and moisture..
Mizani Supreme Oil Satin Creme Moisturizing Mask
Size 8.0/226.8g Silicone-free formula, rich in natural oils (penetrating Rice Bran, Argan and Avo..
Mizani Spradiance High Gloss Serum
Size 5 oz/148ml  Alcohol–free formula that delivers the radiance of a spray in the drop of a..
Mizani Moisturefusion Silk cream Conditioner
8.5 oz/250mls Enriched with milk of almond extract and coconut oil. Deeply penetrates dehydrated ..
Mizani H20 Intense Night-Time Treatment
Size 5 oz H20 Intense Night-Time Treatment A "Dermatologist Tested" night-time treatment wit..
Mizani Comfiderm Scalp Oil
1.7 oz. A light, luxurious oil that relieves drying commonly associated with chemical treatments...
Mizani Coconut Souffle Hairdress
8 oz. Disperses evenly and absorbs quickly for touchably soft waves and curls. Using a concentrat..
Mizani Butter Rich Deep Nourishing Hairdress
Size 8 oz.  [235ml] A weightless, whipped texture hairdress that combines Mizani’s newe..
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