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                                                                                  10 Top tips to treat and prevent RAZOR BUMPS

10 Top tips to treat and prevent RAZOR BUMPS

Posted On February 12, 2015 by Blushes & Brushes

Up to 80% of African American men suffer from razor bumps at some point.  Since black men have curlier hair, they are more prone to this problem.  Also called Pseudofollicultis Barbae, these bumps can occur in any area that hair is temporarily removed by shaving, waxing or tweezing.  The painful bumps occur when hairs curl back into the skin causing causing a foreign body inflammatory reaction which manifests as bumps, pustules, discolouration and keloid scars.  Not all men are in favour of the full beard look so here are a few tips to help put the bumps to rest and keep you smooth, neat and office-ready.

1.  Reduce your frequency of shaving.  Take at least 2-to-3 days off in between shaving to allow your current razor bumps to heal and go away.  

2.  Use an electric shaver like Wahl groomsman clippers and trimmers instead of regular razors to prevent you from getting razor bumps.

3.  Change your shaving technique.  If you must use a razor, use a single-edged razor and shave in the direction your hair grows.  Remember, “Go with the grain!”

4.  Change your blade regularly.  Don’t use old razors that are dull and dirty which will cut and irritate your skin.

5.  Soften up your skin before you shave for a smoother shave by using a shaving cream like Bump Patrol Aloe Vera shaving cream or by showering or placing a warm towel on that area.

6.  Don’t cut hair too closely. Focus on looking clean-shaven, not necessarily feeling “silky smooth.” 

7.   Use an antiseptic like Tea Tree Oil to prevent any infections on the areas you shaved.
8.   Leave your face alone!  Don’t pick at your razor bumps as this will make your razor bumps look worse and can cause infection.

9.   Use a depilatory cream like Magic shave cream and ditch the razor all together.  

10.   Exfoliate - use a soft bristle brush, wash cloth or exfoliating grains like Joliette Facial scrub to gently massage the face and neck at night to help remove and loosen dead skin and hairs to keep them from curling back into the skin after shaving.  Alternatively, use a daily moisturising product that contains salicylic acid or glycolic acid to gently exfoliate the skin and keep hairs growing in the right direction.  We recommend Bump Patrol Aftershave Treatment.

If the above measures fail,  see a certified dermatologist who may prescribe an antibiotic gel or oral antibiotics, topical steroid or retinoid, laser or light therapy treatments.


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