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A luxury hair & skin care brand for women of colour and style. Created by a mother and daughter team.  Their luxurious blends are Caribbean inspired - they not only look and smell amazing but give your hair & skin the special care they need without harsh chemicals or artificial colourants.



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Joliette Caribbean Berry Curl Me Soft Leave in Conditioner
120mL, 250mL Moisturise with a light shea butter and aloe vera whipped conditioning cre..
Joliette Caribbean Berry Hydrating Mist (150ml)
150ml  Mist on the moisture. Hydrate your hair during the dry winter months How to Use:&n..
Joliette Caribbean Berry Intensive Hair Mask
250ml Great for all Hair Types, the Joliette Intensive Berry Intensive Hair Conditioner is an exc..
Joliette Caribbean Berry Nourishing Shampoo (150ml)
150ml Suitable for dry, damaged and colour treated hair Variations: Caribbean Berry wi..
Joliette Caribbean Berry Whipped Creamy Leave In Moisturiser (150ml)
150ml, 250ml Hydrating Whipped Creamy leave in moisturiser, particularly for thicker hair types. ..
Joliette Caribbean Berry Whipped Shea Hair Butter
120ml, 250ml. Whipped Shea Butter just for your hair. Ingredients:  aqua, organic shea bu..
Joliette Caribbean Body Butter Balm
250 ml only Soothing balm made with Butters from the Caribbean and those inspired by the Cari..
Joliette Caribbean Inspired Face/Skin Mini Kit
4 products Joliette Mini Kit: 30ml Joliette Caribbean Radiance Natural Coconut Facial ..
Joliette Caribbean Radiance Facial Cream Wash
150ml  Perfect for uneven skin. This is a unique 2-in-1 blend of a cream cleanser and a f..
Joliette Caribbean Radiance Facial Moisturiser
The Caribbean Radiance Moisturiser has been designed to illuminate and tone skin whilst creating..
Joliette Caribbean Radiance Facial Scrub
150ml 2-in-1 blend of cream cleanser and moisturising face wash with exfoliating volcanic pumice ..
Joliette Caribbean Radiance Facial Serum
30ml Designed to illuminate and tone your skin whilst providing key nourishment and anti-agin..
Joliette Caribbean Vanilla Hair Mud Mask
250ml Made with Bentonite Clay this Mask is infused with natural fruit extracts rather than essen..
Joliette Large Circular Shaped Gift Set (six products)
Joliette Circular Gift Set: 150ml Joliette Caribbean Radiance Natural Coconut Facial Scru..
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